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Childrens Laptops

Childrens Laptops

HP ProBook 5330M Laptop Core i5 2.50GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 13.3" HD Display

At a GlanceUnleash the power of productivity with the HP ProBook 5330M, a perfect blend of performan..


Lenovo Thinkpad L440 Laptop 2.30GHz 4th Gen 4GB RAM 500GB HDD Warranty Windows 11

At a GlanceThe superb Lenovo ThinkPad L440 laptop with 4GB of memory, Intel HD 4600 Graphics an..


Lenovo ThinkPad L460: 2.10GHz, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 14" FHD, Win10 Pro

At a GlanceDiscover the Lenovo ThinkPad L460, the ultimate partner for your dynamic lifestyle! This ..


Lenovo ThinkPad T410 Core I5-2520M 2.5Ghz 4GB 160GB DVD WiFi Windows 10 Laptop

At a Glance The reliable and powerful, Lenovo ThinkPad T410 with and i5 processor and Microsoft Wind..


Lenovo Thinkpad T440s Laptop i5 2.10GHz 4th Gen 8GB RAM 180GB SSD Warranty Windows 10 Webcam

At a Glance Unleash the productivity powerhouse with the Lenovo ThinkPad T440s. This nimble machine..


Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Laptop i5 2.50GHz 2nd Gen 4GB RAM Wifi Warranty Windows 10

At a Glance Experience a smooth digital experience with the Lenovo ThinkPad X220. Powered by a 2.5GH..


Lenovo V330-14IKB FHD i5-8250U 8GB 256GB SSD Windows 11 Warranty Webcam Laptop

At a GlanceThe superb Lenovo V330 laptop with 8GB of memory, and a super fast 8th generation i5 proc..


Dell Latitude E6410 Laptop i5 2.67GHz 4GB 160GB 14" Windows 10 DVD

At a GlanceIntroducing the Dell Latitude E6410 - your dependable, budget-friendly partner for ever..


Fujitsu LifeBook P702 Widescreen laptop with Windows 10, 4GB Memory, 128GB SSD

At a GlanceOne of the best value laptops we have at the moment, the Fujitsu LifeBook P702  ..


Fujitsu LifeBook P770 Core i7 U660 1.33GHz Laptop with Windows 10, 4GB Memory, 320GB HDD

At a GlanceOne of the highest spec laptops we have at the moment, the Fujitsu LifeBook P770 has..


HP Probook 4340S Intel Laptop, 320GB HDD, Wireless, Windows 10, Warranty

At a GlanceThe excellent HP ProBook 4340S with a powerful Intel processor and a large hard driv..


Lenovo Thinkpad X201 Laptop 4GB Memory, i5 Processor, Wireless, Warranty, Windows 10

At a Glance The small and powerful, Lenovo ThinkPad X201 with an i5 processor and Microsoft Windows..


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Laptops for Kids

We have large range of suitable laptops for children available for sale.  We have some of the cheapest but yet most reliable kids laptops available in the UK. We have carefully picked out the most rugged of laptops available for sale and have no problem recommending the laptops above for children.  Our laptops for education are ex company laptops that have just come to the end of a lease. This means that they are a very reliable and high performing childs laptop. We put them through an extensive reconditioning process that includes full hardware tests, upgrades, part replacement and complete software installation. Such is the reliability of these laptops that we sell; they command a premium price when bought new. It is not uncommon for some of these laptops to retail well above £1000. As you can see depending on specification and age we are selling them at an average of about £150. This makes them a perfect kids laptop – great performance, excellent reliability, super cheap price.

It’s not only the durability of the laptops above that make them ideal children’s laptops, but the price. It makes far more sense letting a child play around on a laptop that might have only cost £150. Letting them play around with you mac book air may end up in more tears when the inevitable drop and screen smash happens.

These laptops are not only ideal for children due to their ruggedness and low price point, but the make the perfect machine for a child of any age to do their school work on. If you take into consideration that these laptops come directly from a workplace where they are used daily for work related tasks you will quickly realise that these are the perfect laptop for doing those assignments and all the research involved. In fact many of our current customers are university students who use these laptops for those very tasks. However assignments and other school related activities is only a drop in the ocean of what these laptops can be used for. Many of the laptops have inbuilt DVD players as standard so that your child can watch their favourite movies or cartoons. They also work perfectly for any internet related activity such as Facebook and YouTube.  Such is the high performance, we are pretty confident that any of these laptops will run any software package you have in mind for your child whether it is an office package, a game or learning software.

We often get questions such as what is the difference between one of our refurbished childrens laptops and one of the many other cheap laptops for children on the market. Well this is quite a simple question to answer. The first difference is other cheap laptops on the market geared towards a child are aimed at the home consumer. Most of the time these laptops due to their cheap price have severe reliability problems. Simply put, for laptop to be that cheap when bought new they have to use the cheapest parts available to them. This often ends up in a sub standard product that will barely out last its warranty. The laptops we have here for children are refurbished business standard laptops that are only a few years old. They carried a hefty price tag when bought new, regularly commanding well over £1000. This means that they have some of the best and most reliable components in them. As with all laptops aimed at a business consumer, reliability is the number one requirement were as a laptop aimed at the home market tend to sell the style and price of the laptop over reliability. Would you rather a cheap new, bottom of the line laptop that may last little longer than a year or would you rather a high end refurbished laptop that have been known to last over 10 years. When you take all this into consideration it’s quite a simple choice. No consider that the cheapest new laptop is about £350 and our laptops average between £150 and £200 it really makes a refurbished machine the perfect childrens laptop.

Here at the Cheap Laptop Company, we have come to realise that children generally just do not take the same care of a laptop that adults would and you will commonly see laptops get dropped and trampled on.  It makes perfect sense to let them use a cheap refurbished laptop purely on price alone. When you take all the other factors such as reliability and life span into consideration, it really does become a no brainer.

Most of our laptops for children are produced by the leading laptop manufacturers. These tier one manufacturers are Dell, HP, IBM and Toshiba. These four manufacturers are renowned for producing high performing and reliable laptops for the business market.  We buy them in usually at the end of a 2-3 year lease and put them through a full refurbishing process. Such is the level of our minimum resale criteria; these laptops tend to be even more reliable that a new laptop as we put them though a far higher standard of testing than is normal. We believe our laptops are second to none and are very proud of our reputation of providing a very high standard of product. We also excel in our after sales service and we regularly top industry customer service surveys. This is why we are the number one choice if you want to buy a laptop online

We are more than confident that one of our cheap refurbished child’s laptop will suit your needs. Not only will you be getting a reliable high performing laptop, but you will also be getting a laptop at such a price that if in the worst case scenario that it is dropped or broken in some way it is very cheap to replace.  This makes it the logical choice for the modern parent.

Above you will see an extensive range of kids laptops and netbooks for children that are perfect for kids. They range from smaller portable netbook type laptops to full sized cheap laptops for sale with a large screen. We also sell a range of laptop accessories and coloured laptops including pink laptops. We are confident that you will love your laptop and love our service. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to give sound advice. Click here if you are looking for a business laptop