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Second Hand Laptops

Here at the cheap laptop company we sell a large range of second hand laptops (also known as pre owned laptops). Quite simply a second hand laptop is a laptop that has been pre owned at one stage. We get these used laptops mainly from large corporations who change their IT equipment every few years. We then put them through a full and thorough refurbishing process bringing them up to an outstanding standard ready for resale.

We are very proud of our second hand laptops for sale. We insure that each and every laptop meets the very high minimum standards we have. No 2nd hand laptop passes our shop door unless they reach this standard. It’s not a matter of why you should buy a second hand laptop; it’s when you should buy a second hand laptop.

We consider ourselves a green company and we are extremely environmentally aware and ensure that all our business procedures meet a green way of thinking. We believe that a lot of our customer not only buy second hand IT equipment simply for the amazing savings they make but because buying second hand is always seen as being green.

We often hear the horror stories of buying used laptops from sites such as eBay, craigslist or gumtree, with customers often ending up with broken and faulty laptops and no warranty in place to sort the problem out for them. By choosing to purchase your laptop from the cheap laptop company we believe that you are an informed buyer and making sure you don’t end up buying a high tech bin filler. Most people wouldn’t think twice about going out to buy a second hand car as it is quite the normal and financially sound think to do, however to many buying a second hand computer or laptop may put the hairs standing on the back of their neck for no other reason than a lack of knowledge. This way of thinking is probably fuelled by most leading manufactures as they want their customers to buy new every time. They do this by advertising new models regularly in a clever way to make it seem like the older models are obsolete. They do this by introducing bottom of the line laptop models and quite a cheap price that inevitably end up breaking in a short period of time.

With this knowledge, many consumers these days are not scared buying a second hand laptop. Realising that apart from some minor cosmetic blemishes these laptops bought from the reliable supplier such as us here at the cheap laptop company will be a sound investment. One of the main reasons that it will be such a great purchase is that the second hand laptops that we sell are business standard, which we have bought off lease from large companies. The number 1 requirement that these companies put on laptop manufacturers such as dell and HP is that they laptops have fantastic reliability and performance. This is why these laptops when bought new retail for £700 upwards which in turn you can buy from us as low as £100 depending on age and specification.

We encourage our customers to do a little bit of research before they purchase a second hand laptop from any supplier. You need to decide what laptop is going most suit your needs. We bet performance and reliability comes top of your list if you are a customer of ours. Our two favourite manufactures here are Dell and HP. They are both market leaders when it comes to reliability. We also highly recommend windows XP. Windows XP wins operating system reliability tests hands down over most other OS’s. Windows 7 comes in a close second.

A common question we get from would be buyers is cosmetic related and what they should expect. Each laptop is different but generally cosmetically you may get a few scuff marks or scratches on the outer casing. The screen would not be damaged at all. Taking this into consideration, this is just a visual problem; the laptop is not affected in any way from functioning to a high standard.

When we get these second hand laptops in from our suppliers we put them through rigorous hardware test. This is includes testing all input sockets such as USB and HDMI. We also test all other functioning parts such as WIFI and Bluetooth. We test all memory modules and the hard drive. We also install all operational software and run software performance tests to make sure the laptop meets our high standards.

You will have no issues running any new software packages on a quality second hand laptop. It is a modern myth that you have to purchase the latest new laptop to run new software packages. Most software releases are designed to run on laptops and computers that are 4 or 5 times slower than the fastest new laptop for sale. You won’t find a second hand laptop for sale from us that are less than half as slow as the fastest of laptops on the market at the moment. This means that you don’t have to pay £600 or more to run a newly released software package. The smart consumer will realise that a quality used laptop will more than capable of running the most demanding of packages.

The closest new laptop that can come anywhere near matching our prices are they bottom of the line laptops that many manufactures sell these days for about £350. It is common knowledge that these laptops use the cheapest of the cheap components that regularly just about last the term of the warranty. A quality business standard laptop uses the best components on the market and has been known to last for 10 years.

Putting the low end home laptop market aside, even the upper end of the home market, these laptops are of riddled with reliability issues. Quite often it’s the marketing department that designs these laptops who choose style over reliability. That’s why you will rarely see models such as Sony Vaio, Toshiba satellite, HP pavilion or Compaq Presario from us. We mainly sell the refurb laptops aimed at the business market. We have in stock a large range of Second Hand Laptops for sale from £99.99. This includes FREE delivery and a full comprehensive warranty. We put these Second hand Laptops through an extensive refurbishment process including installation of system software. We also have a range of laptops for students and used laptops for sale.