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Used Laptops for Sale

If you have come to the cheap laptop company website looking for a cheap used laptop then you have come to the right place.  We stock a large range of used laptops and take great pride in the products we sell. We believe that providing a fantastic product is only a part of a successful business. The second aspect of what makes us so successful is our A1 after sales service, something we dedicate a lot of time and effort into and something our customers love. This is why a large proportion of our business is repeat custom. Our cheap used laptops are old laptops that we have put through a refurbishment process. Such is the level or refurbishment that we put these old laptops through, they basically are as good as new and will out perform most new laptops at the same price point.

We stock a large range of used laptops for sale mostly from the tier one manufacturers such as Dell, HP and IBM.  Most of our laptops are also business standard laptops that are renowned for their reliability and performance.  As we get most of our used stock from companies who are changing their IT at the end of a lease, the models we get from them are class leading in reliability as this is the number one criteria for most of these large corporations. Due to these reliability and performance needs, these laptops tend to carry a hefty price tag when bought new with prices usually starting off at £800 and often costing well over £1400. Typically we sell these laptops at anything from £100 up depending on age and specification. We put all these used laptops through a thorough refurbishing process that includes full testing of all hardware and software functionality. Quite often a quality used but refurbished laptop will have reliability far greater than a new laptop as the testing it goes through is of a higher standard and anything faulty is replaced with a new working part.

We also sell bulk used laptops to business customers. We have been doing this since 2004 and have a large and loyal client base. Bulk buyers can benefit from discounts, account manager and a priority service. We also sell large quantities of laptops to schools, small businesses and small IT shops up and down the UK and Ireland.

We often get asked to list the benefits of buying a used laptop. This is not too hard to do as there are many benefits and little drawbacks.  The main benefit is that you get quite a lot of bang for a little buck. If financial constraints are the main reason that you are considering a used laptop, then you might also be considering a cheap low end new laptop that usually retails at £350. Although you are getting a new laptop for your hard end money you should be aware that these laptops use the cheapest of the cheap components that barely last the length of the mediocre warranty that is provided. They are not built to last. However if you choose to spend about £200 on a Dell D620 laptop, you are choosing to purchase a business standard laptop that was initially bought for approximately £1000. These laptops are built with top end components that are meant to last. In fact it is quite common for these laptops to last for 10 years without a problem. With the higher price tag and better components, you are getting better performance and without doubt value for money. Cost is with doubt the major factor and benefit when choosing to purchase a quality used and refurbished laptop from supplier such as us. You can latterly save £100s of pounds and often pick up a laptop with a saving of anything up to 90% of the original RRP and these aren’t made up figures, this is realistically achieved. The biggest reason why savings such as this can be achieved is simply because the used IT equipment market is tiny compared to buying new. It is one of the best kept secret fuels by manufacturers wanting customers to buy new every few years and marketing their products to that effect. Most of our laptops have windows xp installed on them.

The only thing you need to consider when buying a used laptop is that they will have a certain amount of wear and tear. This is usually scuffs and small scratches to the casing. However you do need to realise that this in no way affects the performance of the laptop and is purely cosmetic.  It is a small price to pay for picking up a bargain like this.

As long as you choose carefully who to buy from you are guaranteed to have a happy buying experience. You will be more than pleasantly surprised by the quality of laptop you receive for the money you spend. You get a top end laptop that is fully tested and refurbished. This usually ends up in a superior performing laptop than one of the cheap low end new laptops that is flooding the market at the moment.

Getting a high end laptop at a low price is not the only reason people choose to purchase a used laptop. It is now increasingly popular for households to buy a second or third laptop for general use such as email, facebook and general browsing. There is no need for a family of 5 to fight over one laptop when an inexpensive laptop can be bought in to meet the family’s needs. It is also getting very popular for parents to buy a used notebook for their young children as the last thing they want is for a child to drop their expensive mac book air when replacing the screen on a cheap used one is far less taxing on the wallet. With our range second hand laptops for sale you will find a laptop to fit all budgets.

The used IT market is ever evolving and growing with no small thanks to the growing environment concern way of thinking. We as a company have incorporated a green way of thinking in all our processes and are constantly evolving these processes to make us as environmentally friendly as possible. Not only are we an environmentally aware company but the products we sell are environmentally friendly. Every used laptop we sell is one less piece of equipment that will end up in a dump somewhere. Every used laptop we sell is one less laptop that will be manufactured and that has its obvious benefits.

No matter what your reasons for buying used, we are sure we have something that suits your needs and meets your criteria. It doesn’t matter whether you are financially constrained, environmentally aware or simply a smart buyer, choosing to buy a used laptop is an intelligent choice.